Scheduled Service Availability
Please note that our next available spaces for scheduled servicing are now in mid SEPTEMBER. We encourage owners to check odometers and plan ahead for the next due service. ✌️
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About Us at Frankston Jeep

Frankston Jeep, Bringing adventure to the Peninsula

Frankston Jeep, brought to you by Freeway Motor Group, a family-owned and operated company.

We’re committed to providing great customer service in a region where living the Jeep life is a given – from boating to biking and day-to-day adventuring.

At this new Frankston dealership, our knowledgeable sales team and specialist Jeep technicians will instill customer confidence, and deliver a trusted and convenient service experience. I'm in. ✌️

We work daily to ensure that our customers are having a fantastic experience, whether it's in the purchase of a new or used vehicle, or simply a regular service.

Together with our sister location Lilydale Jeep ( we have for many years employed and trained many locals in our dealerships, ensuring they're fully qualified to support your vehicle needs.

We're a proud member of the local community and we're looking forward to ensuring you get a great deal and service with a smile!