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Fencing For Fires at Frankston Jeep

About Fencing For Fires

In a call to arms for our fire-affected community. We're excited to show support for Fencing For Fires, led by ex-ADF man Jamie Wolf and his infamous companion The Blue Beast (A Jeep Grand Cherokee which has spent much of the last ten months getting bashed about).

We are also proud that one of our service technicians, Paul, has been joining in the effort to repair and replace many miles of fencing lost to last season's bushfires. With the next season already almost upon us, and millions of promised dollars failing to make it to where its needed, Jamie's 'get in and do it' attitude is an inspiration.

The Blue Beast

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"In January 2020, Australia suffered it's biggest natural disaster. Fire ravaged millions of hectares of bushland, leaving homes, stock and fence lines destroyed. 

"Fencing for Fires (FFF) has been there since the very first day, providing much needed support and guidance to rebuild fencing infrastructure. Over 9 months FFF has raised over $55,000 to support the fire affected and has provided approximately $250,000 in material and labour. Also the organiser of Australia's Biggest Working Bee (ABWB), the team has provided support from Cabargo NSW to Gippsland VIC.

"With now almost 8,000 very passionate FFF Army members, we are looking to continue to place the focus on the fire affected in what is a crazy world we live in. We cannot forget the pain and suffering that we as Australian's endured in the 2020 fires, and that the fire affected continue to work to rebuild against overwhelming mental challenges.

"We have made a huge impact over 9 months and will continue until we feel the job is done, however this cannot be done without the support of YOU.
So please donate to Fencing For Fires Australia- Future Focus, so we can continue to help the rebuild.

"Thanks for reading. I hope you can make a donation and share our story."

—Jamie Wolf,
Founder, Fencing For Fires.